Frequently asked questions

How to I get my purchased items?

An announcement email will be sent out letting you know you can pick up purchased items in the front office on the New TLA side of campus.

How do I know when PTO meetings are

We want oyu to be involved but know schedules can be challenging to manuever. We have online sign ups on our calendar page. All PTO meetings are announced on the calendar page for the year. These are offered both virtually and in-person. Links will be emailed ahaead of time.

Can sponsors have tables at events?

Of course we want sponsors to be engaged at every opportunity. We will let you know when and where you can set up per event. We promise to keep you informed!

What do room parents do?

Great question! As a room parent you will find that you are assisting in classroom events and PTO main events. This may mean providing digital sign up sheets using signupgenius.com or helping the Guide with a classroom project such as a garden. Our focus at TLA is for both parents and children to be personally involved in the opportunities we have throughout the year. Our main and minimum goals are: Create a Fall Festival Basket Theme: Coordinate the them with parents to gather basket auction items. One basket per classroom Book fair week volunteering: We always need bookstore, food, and greeter volunteers Penny wars: Collect and turn in and money brought in These are typically different per Guide/Class:Things you might look to expect:Thanksgiving feast: coordinate with parents (who is bringing what)Birthdays and/or other holidaysGarden: Some classes grow a garden